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"Roadtrip" book cover

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Roadtrip audio/video version

Excerpts from audio/video version of Roadtrip: Project 1:1000, Vol. I

27 February 2023

David Overturf on Twitch

David Overturf crashes Zeke III Twitch cast

16 December 2022

(Language warning!)

David Overturf reads at the Montana Book Festival

David Overturf's reading and presentation at the Montana Book Festival

17 September 2022

David Overturf on Montana Book Festival panel

Project 1:1000 Creator serves on a panel at the Montana Book Festival

16 September 2022

"Roadtrip" author and Project 1:1000 creator, David Overturf

The first book reading and introduction to Project 1:1000

17 July 2022

"Roadtrip" book cover

Promo for "Roadtrip..." book and tour

28 June 2022


An intro for Educators, which is where all of this began

09 October 2020

Project 1:1000 logo + website

The first Project 1:1000 promotional video

13 November 2019