Project 1:1000 is a movement, a community, a resource, and an outreach program centered around the notion that "a picture is worth a thousand words."  We encourage and provide for the telling and sharing of the stories behind pictures, one thousand words at a time.


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Submission: New Penny  
Contributor: ggildroy 
Tags: cats, family
Published: 04 May 2021

Submission: Just Like Greta   
Contributor: TonyaRN 
Tags: jealousy, childhood, friendship, mother, envy
Published: 13 Oct 2020

Submission: Farmer Dad  
Contributor: oh grinnell 
Tags: Dad love
Published: 10 Oct 2020

Submission: Never Forget  
Contributor: mtdaveo 
Tags: 9/11, united, never forget
Published: 18 Sep 2020

Submission: Imaginary Chains   
Contributor: jmjudas 
Tags: family, faith, father
Published: 04 Jun 2020